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About Us
Our company brings together assosiates ,top specialist from commerce ,marketing,investment and agents for commercial contacts leading to contracts. Our team of people represents top qualifications with significant practical expierience . The company Managing Director has on its own more than two decades in fact 21 years of practical expierience in Food and Drink sector.The know-how of procedures,negotiating skills ,marketing and public relation activities are one of his best strength.
Who we are , "The Food Expert Group"
The partners in Poland are very much involved inside the trading and manufacturing of food and drink products. 
Contacts with over 150 best producers leads the way to best quality choice,assortment and price structures. Polish brands are Winiary , Wedel, Agrico, Tymbark, Sokolow , Krakus, Pudliszki ,Hortex  are only few names we closely cooperate with.
Our mission is to create the purchuse group which will include retailer shops participating in the sale of Polish food and drink products. The purchase group under name  "The Food Expert" allow their members to buy directly the products ffrom Polish food and drink producers. What it means that similar to bigest national retailers chains like Asda, Tesco, Morrison ,Sainsbury,our members will buy bulk of products without participation of any middleman,party in fact straight ,directly from Polish food manufactures.
Elimination of middle parties ,wholesalers ,will equal chances for independent retailer shops or small chains in trade activities on British retailer market.
Members of our group will not only to have a chance to reduce the purchuse costs but in addition will have significant voice and power upon Polish food enterprises selling their products to the United Kingdom .
Our decades of experience in food and drink sector ,excellent knowledge of the market and very good commercial contacts with the biggest Polish Food manufacturers is the guaranty for the good completion of the job.
Rules of the program
The Food Expert Group contains companies which are dealing with retailer selling of food and drink products. The shops for example can deal only with Polish food and drink or they can sell Polish products in one of their departments as multi national shops .The shops associate around one group "The Food Expert" which will take the weight of negotiations with Polish manufacturers,suppliers and will be responsible as well for the logistic of the products.
The orders can be made by email, fax or through the sales agents. After this the orders will be send to food producers .Once the goods are produced than the products will be bring together in order to save logistic costs and transport to UK, where will be deliver to the shops members of the group.
Terms of delivery
The orders can be made 7 days a week , 24 hours per day. All orders made until 7am every Tuesday will be deliver to the shops the following week on Tuesday.
Orders made until 7am Thursday will be deliver to the shops next week Friday .
Payment for the products must be made cash upon delivery or by bank transfer upon pro forma invoice .
Every member of "The Food Expert Group" will be entitle to use either on the front of the shop or inside the sales floor area the group Logo. Members will receive as well necessery leaflets,banners and fliers with latest offers. "The Food Expert Group"
will promote the members in local media. Clients interested in purchuse of the Polish food and drink products will have access to our date base with address to shops of all our members.
The Food Expert Group can grow significantly your profit margins , can take away worries what to buy and how to buy .
- Efficiency
- Professionalism
- Savings
- Promotion
- Sales under new Group banner
- One order,one delivery for all goods
These are only few major facts that will help you to run your business and focus on new development. Take your chance into new frontier,together with The Food Expert Group you are far stronger than on your own .
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The Food Expert Group
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